Affiliate Marketing Training Course: Affiliate University Scam Review

  • Owner Rahim Farhouni
  • Website – (Dont recommend going there, received a security warning)
  • Cost- $4.50 (one time fee)
  • What’s Included
  • 1 Overview Video
  • 3 Training Videos
  • 1 Homework To Do Checklist
  • 1 Resources List

Okay, so do not confuse this program with Wealthy Affiliate University because it is not even close.  While I seriously doubt very many will actually be searching for this product, I had to review it for my readers as something you do not want to buy.  The owner is not a big time marketing guru but I was still able to find this product very easily and totally by chance, so I had to warn anyone else who may as well.

It is not always about the price.  You may be telling yourself, well it is only $4.50 so who really cares if it is not all that great.  Well, I want you to look at it from a different perspective.  By purchasing these low end products, you are encouraging the creators to continue releasing their junk to the online community.

These sort of low-end products pray on those who are new to the world of online marketing.  In addition, what is being taught is downright shady and you will be learning not-so-respected techniques to make quick, easy money. Unfortunately you cannot be successful in this business without learning the right way to do things; it is just that simple.

Real Marketable Skills = Long Term Success!

Any program that promises quick results so simple even your dog could do it should trigger a warning for you.  You are more than likely entering into a scam or worse, something that may lead to sales but is not exactly ethical, neither of which you want to be a part of.

Basic Premise of The Course and Snapshot of The Outline

  1.  Find a Hot Product such as a Video, E Book, Software, or Membership Sites
  2. Review Them
  3. Earn Commissions

Affiliate University 4 Day Class

Training Video 1, Day 2

  • Obtain Affiliate Links for the products you will be promoting
  • Obtain an Auto Responder to create your list (does not go into detail about this)
  • Use Auto Responder to create a broadcast to promote the product
  • Use the sales page from the vendor/company to create a broadcast (template to be included in Resource guide to use for broadcasts, but I did not receive it)

Training Video 2, Day 3

Discusses how to pick your niche/profitable product by using CB Engine

He advised that you review about 70% of the sales page and look for a pic of the seller to show higher site trust. Unfortnately in the video walk through, the example page reviewed had a picture of some random person (clearly not the seller).  Just poor advice in my opinion.

Training Video 3, Day 4

Goes into detail about creating backlinks.  Example site to create these links is Fiverr where you can purchase backlinks for around $5.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT Do this, PLEASE!  Buying mass backlinks is considered spammy with low quality and many, if not all of them, will not get indexed.

Per Google

  • Using automated programs or services to create links to your site may be part of a link scheme and a violoation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Advises to use sites that announce upcoming product launches as these products are new thus low competition

You set up an event on one of these sites and use your affiliate link to send visitors to your review page.

Then you are sent to rapid indexing sites for faster indexing into google.  Not all of the indexing sites are bad; however, my issue is that these videos offer no actual training as to how to learn marketing techniques, quality content writing etc.

The videos are around 10 minutes in length and only teach you how to create spammy backlinks in an effort to lead people to purchase a product you know nothing about and from someone you probably do not know simply to make commissions.


The only good thing I could find about this is the fact that he does take you to Clickbank shows you how to find products that sell with high gravity marks.  Obviously you want to promote products on your site that sell, so this is important.  However, you want to do your research as well.  Just because a product sells does not necessarily mean it is not junk.  Do you really want to promote something simply because it ranks high in CB and the sales page looks good???


Everything else I have written about in this post

Does not discuss an affiliate disclosure and did not see one on his page (this is the law).

His website seems sketchy and there is nothing on there that has to do with teaching real concepts about marketing online.  As a matter of fact, there is really nothing on there at all and many of the pages in the menu are not valid.  Not trying hard to build a brand or any site trust for visitors.

Upsell to Masters Program – $17

Now to get the advanced tactics, you will need the Advanced Masters Marketing product where he teaches you how to leverage these techniques to tackle the most competitive products that have commissions above 1k per sale.

thumbs down


Do not buy this product or anything like it.  These low cost training products are low in quality and some, like this one, are of no value because you are not learning the basic premise of what affiliate marketing is and the right way to do business.

However, in all fairness, this guy is not twisting anyone’s arm to purchase these products, but that is a very thin line to walk.

If you get nothing else out of this review,  please do get this one thing:

In order to be successful online, there must be time put into to learning the business.  Do not fall into the trap that you can get rich quick and do not ever think it is okay to promote unethical business practices.

For those of you who truly want to establish a business online and participate in affiliate marketing, then

I have great news for you.  

There are places that offer a solid learning platform as well as build a strong foundation allowing you to be proud of what you are doing, which results in being proud of sharing it with others.

Check out my reviews on Wealthy Affiliate University and Affilorama.  Both of these programs are a learning platform that will allow you to get started in this business the right way.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know below.  I would love to hear about your experiences with this product or a similar product.

Have a great day!


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