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quick money online

Hmmmm, Can I make quick money online?  The answer is probably not.  For those of you who are ready to stop searching for the next get rich quick scheme, read on to find out why promises of making quick money online just isn’t possible.

If you have been searching the internet for any length of time trying to find an answer to making quick money online, then you already know how much garbage is out there.  The problem is, there are a lot of scammers promising quick money with very little work or worse claiming their system is all on auto pilot.  Hopefully you are reading this post before actually falling victim to these scams.

There are several kinds of people searching for programs promising fast money online.  The first is the person who is struggling financially and needs to make money fast in order to make ends meet. The other is the person who is tired of working because they are simply lazy and want to find an easy way out.  And then there is the true entrepreneur who has come to understand that working for someone else is not providing them with the time or financial freedom they so desire.

Regardless of the category you may fall into, I can, without a doubt, tell you there is no quick and easy way to make money online.  The process will require consistent hard work.

What is Hard Workhard work

I cannot tell you how often I see this question asked by folks who are looking to get into online marketing.  For whatever reason, many have come to assume that making a living online is like a hobby, not real work but fun and effortless.

You cannot place a timeline on how hard one has to work in order to achieve success.  What I can say for certain, is that if you are not willing to learn the business in order to be successful, then it will not happen.

We all have our own opinions and may define hard work differently.  In my opinion, hard work is going above and beyond to achieve a specific goal.  If you want to start an online business, what would you expect to have to put into it in order to see some sort of financial success?  An hour a month, week, day?  More or less?

There may be some who literally only have 30 minutes a day to invest in their business while others may have several hours.  But, it does not mean the person with only 30 minutes who is applying that time to their business is working any less “hard” than someone else.  The bottom line is, are you willing to do whatever it takes for YOU to be successful no matter how long it takes?

If I Work Hard, Then How Long?

Another question I see over and over.  Again, this will vary from person to person.  There are many factors that go into how quickly someone will make money from an online business.  Do you have a solid learning platform and applying that knowledge or are you out there doing your own thing because you think you have all the answers?  The latter will hinder your success, no doubt about it.

The process for finding success online is really not any different than working as an employee for someone else.  Most of the time, you will need to learn a skill or trade, and then work hard to achieve some level of success.  Do not ever believe an online business is any different?  Before getting into this venture, know that it will take time and hard work to make money.

What if I told you that I know someone who did not see any sales let alone a profit for 2 years, would you think that is crazy?  What if I then told you that this same person did not give up and after 4 years was able to quit his job and work full time working his online business.  Still crazy?  Well, he now enjoys the fruits of his labor and will for the rest of his life if he so chooses, and that is awesome!  But, if he would have quit after 30 days, 6 months or even a year, he would have nothing.  And, let me just say, many people will throw in the towel without even really trying because they just don’t get it.  Making money online takes time!


Placing limitations on your time investment is not a good idea


Questions to Ask Yourself

Below is a list of ten questions to ask yourself when determining whether or not you need to invest in some sort of training.  If the answer is no to any of them, you have some learning to do before you even begin to ask whether or not you can make quick money online.  Obviously the more you know, the more you can apply and thus be in a position to make money quicker.



  1. Do you know the right way to market an online business?
  2. Do you understand what a niche is and how to choose one?
  3. Do you understand how to write effective content?
  4. Do you know what keywords are, and if so, where to put them in your content?
  5. Do you know and understand the importance of Google?
  6. Do you know how to optimize your website for the most effective results?
  7. Do you know what an affiliate is and how affiliate marketing can you make you money?
  8. Do you know how to use social media effectively as it relates to your online business?
  9. Do you know how to generate traffic (leads) to your website?
  10. Do you understand the difference between paid and organic traffic and how to make each work for you?


The point of these questions is to provide a realistic picture of some of the knowledge needed in order to move forward and be successful online.  If you do not have the knowledge or the desire to learn, then you will never be successful with an online business.

There is simply no way around it; there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick program that will allow you to get to the finish line by sidestepping the learning process.

As you can see, not much different than working as an employee for someone else.  There is an investment of time no matter what you do.  But, the MAJOR difference is the fact that you are investing in you rather than in someone else’s success.  As an employee, there is little freedom or security and the amount of time and money the average person spends to make it to the “top” is quite frankly over the top.

So, when people ask me how long it takes to make money or how much money they need to invest in order to be successful online, I simply say, I do not know the answer to that.  My questions back to that person are:  How much time and money have you spent making other people rich?  How much do you really want it?  Even if you are not in a position to invest money right now, there are free options available that will allow you to gain knowledge placing you leaps and bounds above much of the competition.


The old adage is true, you cannot expect to get something for nothing.


Now, For Some Good News

Is there a legitimate online educational program that will allow you to learn with a proven track record?  Yes, yes, yes, there is :).  My #1 Recommendation is #1 for a reason.  Wealthy Affiliate University has been around for 10 years, completely free to get started and has a learning platform like none other I have tried.  It is real life training that can be applied each and every day if you choose to do so.

Here is my challenge to you, take a look at My Review of Wealthy Affiliate and compare it to anything else you find out there.  I guarantee it will stand up to the test.  You simply cannot find such value with a truly free starter option.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

What sort of get-rich-quick programs have you come across?  Whether you bought into them or not, I would love to hear about your experiences.  And, if there are any programs you would like to have reviewed, do let me know.  My entire purpose for creating this site is to steer people away from the scams and into legitimate learning programs.




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