How To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step

Getting Started

what is affiliate marketing

Let’s start with – What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when a business pays you (the affiliate) for marketing their products and sending visitors to their site.  When a purchase is made as a result of this process, you (the affiliate) are paid a commission.   Becoming an affiliate is very simple and there are thousands of online merchants offering an affiliate program.  The best part of online affiliate marketing is that it costs very little to start up and has the potential to bring in a lot of money.

There are billions of people searching the internet for products to purchase.  The internet has become the equivalent of walking into your favorite mall .  But, the best part is that you can reach a buyer in your own backyard or several states away.

1.  You must have a website.

Without a website, you cannot earn money online from affiliate marketing or any online business.  Your website is going to be your most valuable asset.  How does this relate to affiliate marketing, you ask?

Well, let’s say for example, you are an expert in dog training but only have time to work on this as a hobby with friends and family.  You would love to share your knowledge with visitors online so you decide to create a site tailored around How to Train Your Husky Puppy.  You then decide you would like to be an affiliate marketer for Amazon because of their wide array of products directly related to your dog training niche.  You sign up for their program, and incorporate their dog/puppy related products on your site.

As the expert, visitors trust your knowledge and will then click on those products sending them to Amazon where they end up purchasing the product, which in turn earns you a commission.   This is a win-win!  You are doing something you love while at the same time offering something of value to your visitor.

Side Note:  Please do not think you must pay someone to create a site for you.  You can create an awesome site that will attract visitors to your business for free.  Go to my “Build A Website” page to learn more about the process or go ahead and get started with the site builder below.  See how easy it really is!


As a matter of fact, do not pay anyone anything until you have a firm understanding of what it is you are doing.  If you are new to the world of online marketing, then let me just say from first hand experience, there is a ton of garbage out there with A LOT of scams.

If someone wants your credit card before you have even had a chance to review the product being offered, run away!!!  You do not need to spend a ton of money and a library full of products to learn this business.  All you need is the right platform, a teachable spirit and a willingness to work hard to obtain your financial freedom.

2.  You must have training and support.

I would say it is almost impossible to be successful in this business without proper training/support and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same goal, which is to be successful online.

If you are like me, then this venture will be a whole new world with a language all its own.  I can remember many times being stuck along the way with no live support there to help me.  It can be very frustrating and actually led me to give up at one point.  Do not let this happen to you.  Join a community today.


Proper training is also key to your success online.  There are steps that must be followed prior to beginning your business.  The image above is just a snap shot of the training offered within Wealthy Affiliate.

I never truly understood how everything fit together when I first started so many years ago.  I had loads of information but it just wasn’t clicking.  Does this sound familiar?  I felt very lost, which is a very bad place to be.  I ended up quitting and went back to my 9-5 as a result.

No matter what you decide to do, please do yourself a favor and put in the time to educate yourself.  If your end goal is to find freedom with affiliate marketing or simply marketing your specific business online, then it will be more than worth it to invest in yourself by taking the time to do it right the first time.

3.  You must have content on your website.

What do I mean by content?   Content is the equivalent to articles in a newspaper or magazine.  You purchase a newspaper and read through the material in an effort to learn about the latest news, a product, etc.

Your website is the same thing.  The content is what makes your site relevant to the visitor.  Because it takes time to write content, I believe it is important to focus on a topic of interest.

All of us have something of value to offer the world and tapping into that part of you and then writing about it is what makes your content valuable.  I would advise staying away from a topic or niche that has very little interest to you as you may find it difficult to maintain momentum for the long term.

4. You must have traffic.

Traffic online is no different than having traffic to a brick and mortar business. search engine optimization Without traffic, there is no business.  Aside from your website, traffic is going to determine your amount of success online.  There are many ways to target relevant traffic to your site.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing will be ranking your site based on keyword searches being done.  A keyword is simply a word or phrase that is typed into the search bar of a search engine.

In order to grab the attention of any search engine, your site will need to be relevant to those searches as well as offer valuable content.  This takes time and effort.  Do not assume you can throw up a site, write a post and you will instantly receive a ton of traffic.  Unfortunately it does not work that way.

*****You must be committed to learning and applying that knowledge consistently day after day*****

This is the process for becoming an authority on line and what will ultimately catch the attention of visitors as well as search engines.  Remember, online marketing is not a get rich quick scheme!

5.  Be Honest and Care About Your Visitors!

be honest

I place this in the top 5 because being honest and trustworthy is a critical component in any business.

If you are only looking to make a fast buck at any cost and will use deceptive practices to do so, then I am going to say that you should probably avoid getting started with a business on line or any business for that matter.  I have seen this in action over and over in the world of online marketing and it makes me extremely sad.

I believe that most of us still have faith in people even when we probably shouldn’t.  It is very easy to take advantage and some out there hide behind the internet in order to do so.

Building relationships through trust is what matters and will ultimately lead to success.  Just be yourself (authentic) and write about what you know or have experienced in life as that is what is truly valuable.

Once your visitor turns into a customer, you should continue to build that relationship (constantly sending auto emails does not constitute building a relationship) by providing consistent, valuable content.

And, I am going to go so far as to say, maybe even send a personal email once in a while just to say Hi!  Obviously as your email list builds, adding a personal touch does become more and more difficult; however, you get the point, being genuine and showing that you care truly does make a difference and never gets old.

Final Thoughts

So, that is my step-by-step process for getting started with affiliate marketing or any online business.  If you are someone who has given some thought to starting a business on line but felt like the mountain to climb was simply too much to tackle, let me assure you that is simply not the case.

People Are Looking For You!

There is plenty of room on the internet super highway for your passions, knowledge and experiences.  As a matter of fact, there are people out there looking for what you have to offer but will never find it if you do not make the decision to get started.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Obviously there is so much more to learn and discover along this road.  If you are serious about making your financial dreams a reality with an online business and are ready to take the first step, then please check out my  #1 Recommendation review for all the details.

Learn how to get started and why this is the only place I recommend for anyone who is serious about learning a business online.  Wealthy Affiliate is a place where success happens.   Be a part of it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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