How To Do Keyword Research For Content Marketing

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Pinterest In its simplest form, content marketing is simply creating valuable, focused content that appeals and retains your targeted visitors. Ask yourself this very important question….When I

marketing-832157_640In its simplest form, content marketing is simply creating valuable, focused content that appeals and retains your targeted visitors.

Ask yourself this very important question….When I surf the internet for answers to my questions, what am I most attracted to? Am I looking for a page with all kinds of fluff, meaning a ton of banners, advertising and useless content OR are you simply looking for valuable content that you can use to make your life better? Since I am not taking an actual poll, I am going to assume from researching this topic that most of us would choose relevant content over loads of advertising.  Today, I want to discuss how to do keyword research for content marketing as that will truly make or break the value of your site.

At the very heart of every online business owner should be a mindset that is focused on content marketing without the sole purpose of selling. Your blog posts or articles should consistently provide value and remain relevant to your overall niche. Content marketing that is done correctly will have a lasting impression on the reader and thus create trust, which is something you cannot buy in today’s world. Trust is the key to your online success.

How Does Keyword Research Fit In to All This?

Glad you asked:-). Keyword research is becoming quite the controversial topic right now. Do not believe anyone who tells you keywords don’t matter as that simply is not the case. What I will tell you is that the use of keywords has changed over the years and so you need to be aware but not obsessed.

Keyword research is critical to your business because it provides you with a starting point. Blindly creating articles and hoping for the best is not in your best interest as it really is a waste of your time and time is a very precious commodity, one that can never be underestimated.  As an online entrepreneur, you will find time management to be one of your biggest challenges.

light-69680_640Tip: There is never enough time to do all the things that need to be done, and if you are not strategically planning out your day, you may find yourself hurried to get something done and end up with a less than stellar product.


Without proper keyword research, there is simply no way of knowing where your articles or posts are going to end up within Google’s complex scoring mechanism. I mean you will rank for something, but it is a crap shoot as to what it will be. This is no way to run your business and a waste of time. Once you find that your content is not ranking, you will more than likely end up rewriting it, which is another waste of your precious time.

Keyword Stuffing

There is no place for keyword stuffing in today’s market. Your readers will hate it and Google will punish you for it. That practice is a thing of the past.

magnifying-glass-562570_640Once you obtain your keywords, you want to strategically place them within your content. Such as in the title, the meta description, and throughout the body of your content where it makes sense. The main thing is that your content flows and makes for easy reading. It is difficult to have a conversational type writing style that visitors can resonate with if every other word is a keyword! If you have ever seen keyword stuffing, then you know how completely awkward it is and should be completely eliminated from your content writing plan.

What Does Google Want From Me?

Great question! So, Google has completely revamped their algorithm for determining how to rank sites. If you have been in this business for any length of time, then you probably already know how their scoring system has worked in the past. It actually seemed a bit unfair for those of us who were not interested in “playing the game” so to speak. Quality content was not how you ranked in Google.  No, it was more about how you could beat the system using shady tactics such as bad backlinking and poor content stuffed with keywords.

Things have changed and that is good for you and me. Google is finally moving toward the side of integrity and is trying to award those who prove they have something of value to provide. You no longer have to figure out how to compete with people who could care less about their visitors because content is truly king now. You must create original content on a consistent basis to develop site trust and ultimately higher rankings. This does not mean that you should ignore SEO, it is quite the opposite.


Tip: Do not underestimate the power of trust when it comes to building your business. This takes time but is worth it when building a long lasting brand.


Keyword Research

When looking at what keywords to use in your next article, do not simply focus on the exact keyword but also look at the overall topic. As you can see from performing searches in Google today, the websites that populate are not always going to be exact keyword matches but rather be based on the overall topic of that keyword.

google search image
Example: Google search suggest with the keyword “How To Build A Home”


Next, Make a list of overall keywords that matter to you and your business. There are many free tools to assist you in this process. If needed, please review my article on Free Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tools for some ideas. Google search suggest is also very powerful when reviewing keywords, and at the bottom of every search is a list of additional searches that Google has indicated as popular terms related to your topic.

The keyword list you create will be your content marketing starting point. From there, you begin to write out your content focusing on your target audience. Each post should focus on a particular keyword(s).


Tip:  Search Engine Rankings do not matter if your target customer does not want to stay on your page long enough to read your content.


Thoughts To Ponder

  1. Do I consider my target visitor before coming up with content?
  2. Do I utilize keyword research before coming up with content?  If so, are they relevant to my niche? (Stuck in the niche phase?  Check out How to Choose A Niche For a Website.
  3. Do I consider my brand and building trust with my visitors or am I only concerned with advertising and selling?

These are very important questions you should be asking yourself before getting started with preparing content.  Do make the best use of your time by conducting quality keyword research and having a content marketing strategy in place.

Don’t be discouraged if this seems like a lot to take in.  Online marketing can be overwhelming sometimes.  If you are in the early stages of building your online business and have more questions than answers, you are not alone.  I was there too and was lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer a free starter option and is my number one recommended platform to get started.  You can read more about my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Please leave a comment or an opinion below.  I would love to hear your feedback.  Make it a great day!


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