Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? If Not, Who Is It For?

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question-mark-1165598-640x480I decided to post this article today because I feel like there are so many people out there who are wondering the same thing.  Is affiliate marketing for beginners, and if not, who is it for?

Most of us hear the term online marketing or affiliate marketing and we immediately think scam.  We have seen over and over again the so called “gurus” of this business spreading their get rich quick schemes all across the internet praying on those of us who are still trying to figure out what all the hype is about.   We got sucked into their landing pages and ended up believing we could make a fortune in a very short period of time if we just follow their program.  So, we dropped a large sum of money down the drain and left feeling very betrayed and disgusted with the whole online business thing.

enough-already (2)
Does this sound familiar?

As a result, the world is literally filled with people who do not want to hear another word about  creating an online business but at the same time, those very people are still searching for a way to make it happen.  We all know the internet has so much to offer and if we can just find something legit to make our dreams come true, we would be believers again.

I wish I could figure out a way to put all the folks who have been burned in this business into a room and speak to them about the fact that they are not alone.  There are people who do want you to succeed in the right way, no gimmicks, no schemes, no outlandish upsells, no bait and switch techniques etc.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of folks who fall for these marketing tactics are beginners, folks who do not know any better and are looking for an honest way to make a living online.

Who Is This Business Really For?

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Well, I am here to tell you that affiliate and online marketing is for beginners.  We all have to start somewhere, which means that we are or were at one time labeled a beginner.

There is nothing that you cannot do and if you want to quit your day job and make a living promoting a business online or become an affiliate marketer for the same reason, then by all means, do not let those who have burned you keep you from achieving your goals.

Marketing online is not out of reach for anyone and learning the skills necessary to be successful can be your reality.  I have to preface this by saying, there is no legitimate get-rich-quick program out there.  You must, must, must be willing to put in the time to learn what you do not know.  Unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way!  There are techniques involved, there are strategies involved, and there are right and wrong ways to do things.  If you are not willing to invest at least your time, then I am afraid no one person or program will be able to help you get from point A to point B.  Or in other words, from beginner to someone who is knowledgeable and has an understanding as to how this business works.  Once educated, you will no longer be an unsuspecting victim.

A Program That Really Works

Take a moment to look at a program that allows you to dig in for absolutely zero dollars.  Wealthy Affiliate University is not only a legitimate program but it will allow you the opportunity to learn relevant information that you can apply to your online business today.  Don’t have a business, no problem.  Maybe you are interested but that is far as you have gone with the idea.  Wealthy Affiliate was designed for the complete newbie in mind.  You can start at the very beginning and make an informed decision if this is even something you would like to pursue.


And, zero literally means zero, no credit card required.  You can remain a free member as long as you like, and if you do not have a website yet, no problem.  Wealthy Affiliate provides 2 free websites for you to take advantage of as a free member.  There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain.  At the very least, you can say you tried the online thing and it was not for you OR you can say I am so glad I gave it a shot; I finally realize that owning my own online business is exactly what I want to do.

Final Thoughts

I wrote this post because I see so many people commenting on other sites I come across stating how they have been taken advantage of and I do not want anyone else to be a part of that statistic.  Whether you have been a victim of shady marketing tactics or simply looking for the right place to get started, this is for you.

Online Marketing is for beginners; Wealthy Affiliate University is for anyone who is ready to get started and move from beginner to success story.

Do not pay another dime for any program or product that promises unrealistic results. Educate yourself and learn what it takes to make your dreams a reality.  I am 100% confident you will not be disappointed in what you find upon entering WA.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you have experienced in the world of online marketing, or if you have any questions I can assist you with, do not hesitate to let me know.

Make it a great day!



7 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? If Not, Who Is It For?

  1. Hey Kellie
    Well yes it is, everyone starts somewhere. I have been working online for 4 years and started with affiliate marketing too 6 months ago.
    I think it is an amazing way to earn money online and yes anyone can learn how to do it. However it won’t be overnight like a lot of people claim. It takes time and hard work.
    It is very important to find a good place to learn and to keep learning. The internet and technology is constantly changing so staying up to date is a big part of the game.

  2. This is an excellent job in promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You give details and plenty of information for the skeptical reader ,especially those who are searching for the best way to earn online and might have been burned in the past. I was curious enough to browse around your site- excellent information!

  3. I agree 100 percent with you – we all are beginners in whatever new thing we take up, at some point, and affiliate marketing is certainly no exception. I appreciate your conviction to help give people the right tools to start there online businesses, and avoid being a victim of scams.

    1. Hi Jess

      I really hope people do not allow being burned in the past keep them from moving forward with their dream of building a business online and being their own boss. It is so worth the effort once you find a place to really get started the right way.

      Thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated.

  4. Hi Kellie,

    I liked your use of the “this one really works image”. No doubt a lot of readers will relate to that.

    People do have to learn what makes that particular business work and to learn that, money and/or time has to be spent on what I call the learning and doing phase. Both money and time are limited resources, so both have to be spent well.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi David

      Yes, I completely agree. Unfortunately there are so many people out there promoting get rich quick schemes that most simply think that an online business takes little effort. This is a serious business and it takes time to build. You can definitely get started with very little money, but you cannot forsake putting in time and effort if you expect to be successful long term.

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