What Is My Lead System Pro About – Scam Review

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Pinterest Company:  My Lead System Pro aka MLSP (Formerly MLM Lead System Pro) Founders:  Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer Academy – 20/month University Gold Level –

Company:  My Lead System Pro aka MLSP (Formerly MLM Lead System Pro)

Founders:  Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd SchlomerMLSP Review

Academy – 20/month

University Gold Level – 50/month

Platinum – 99/month

Mastery Level – 150/month or 1500/year

Network Superstars System – Latest Addition with additional team benefits (join via mastery level or pay one time 99.00 currently a MLSP member)

Overall Score:  65/100

My Lead System Pro Scam Review

What Is It?

MLSP is a program geared towards those who are looking to promote their own product, specifically a member of a MLM/Networking Marketing Company.  Through a series of training videos and webinars, they will teach you the process of attraction marketing, which means your clients/leads will come to you rather than you going around and chasing friends and family.  They do not claim to be a get rich quick scheme, which is a good thing as that would end the review right here as being a total scam :-).

Who Is My Lead System Pro For

Network/MLM or direct sales looking for various ways to obtain leads to their business, not meant for those looking to promote their own personal niche or promote affiliate products.

The entire program rests on the funded proposal concept, which is essentially offering some sort of free training (the bait) along with additional tools (for sale) so you can then capture that person as a targeted lead, which will in turn allow you to build your email list.  If they find the free training of value, they will begin to trust you with the end goal being that lead coming to you and requesting to see your network marketing business opportunity.

If you have been involved with network marketing, then you know how horrible it is to chase leads. The idea of building a list by offering valuable training is definitely appealing.

Promoting MLSP is a way to make additional income by promoting MLSP as a viable lead generation tool for your business.  If you are looking to make someone else money while trying to also sell them on your business opportunity, then this program is for you.


  • It is expensive and you really need to be at the mastery level in order to see all the goods and reap the benefits of the program.
  • Many different marketing techniques, which in and of itself is not a bad thing.  You will just need to remain focused and not find yourself jumping all over the place simply to try them all.
  • You have to convince people through email marketing to buy MLSP in order to make money with them and to ultimately pitch them your biz opp.
  • You will ultimately need to have a product of your own to promote
  • The complaints I have seen around this product have to do with not really providing leads to their MLM/business opportunity but rather promoting MLSP, which has caused many to jump ship.

In all fairness, not every product is going to please everyone who signs up, that is just business; however, more often than not, if there is a pattern surrounding complaints, then you should probably take them seriously.

My Two Centstwo cents

MLM’s are simply not worth the time and effort to market and are often full of people promoting less than stellar products all in the name of building a down line.  MLSP is full of such people as I have been a subscriber to many of the marketing gurus affiliated with this company.  I am constantly bombarded with emails requesting that I buy stuff or sign up for some webinar teaser that ends with them wanting me to buy stuff.  It is such a turn off!

The fall out with MLM;s is high and it is very difficult to remain positive about your business with all that rejection.  That is why most MLM’ers often jump from one company to the next.

I personally went through this very thing back in 2009.  I found out the hard way that this type of business is really not for me.  It is almost never about the product you are promoting but rather the number of people you can convince that your business opportunity is the only thing in the world that makes sense.

Often times, MLM companies go out of business or are bought out by someone else, which you might thing would be an issue.  But, not with MLM’ers!  Why, because you and your down line simply hop on board and begin promoting the new company’s product as the best in the world.  I have seen this over and over and it really infuriates me.  Most MLM’ers I have come into contact with are as fake as the day is long.  There are, of course, exceptions to ever rule, and if you are one of the good ones, then I applaud you.  Please do not lose sight of that.

What saddens me is a lot of those who start out in MLM have the best of intentions but they soon get sucked into all the money-making hype and begin to see nothing wrong with scamming people.  It is a shame.  My Lead System Pro is not any different.  Why do you need to promote a lead system for the sake of selling that same lead system all in an effort to HOPEFULLY get someone to join  your business.  I just don’t get it.


I care about people and want to help them succeed in the right way.  The best thing YOU can do for YOU is to invest in YOU and learn internet marketing the right way.  Learn the techniques that will sustain you long term and will work for any business.  Whether it be promoting your own online business based on a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about or becoming an affiliate marketer for the same reason, there is a right way to do things and it starts with providing value to people.

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Don’t get me wrong, I do see value in some of the products out there associated with MLM/Network Marketing companies and I actually participate on the retail side of a company I am affiliated with but do not recruit into the business.  I believe the product has true value and because my family uses it, I have no issue recommending it to others.  However, I never pitch the business. If someone comes to me and asks about it, I will tell them everything they need to know to make an informed decision.  If they then decide to join, great, if not, life goes on :-).


At the end of the day, I do not consider My Lead System Pro to be a total scam but advise to use caution before buying in.  However, My Lead System Pro is all about targeting people in an effort to promote My Lead System Pro.  I do not see this program as a viable way to obtain leads for your MLM/Network Marketing business.  You will end up spending your time getting people to buy MLSP and very little time actually recruiting to your business.

I would love to hear about your experiences with this product, good or bad.  I realize that products change often and some of this information may very well be out of date.  If so, please let me know.  Also, any and all comments are welcome.

Have a great day!







12 thoughts on “What Is My Lead System Pro About – Scam Review

  1. I quite like the sound of the process of attraction marketing – as you say it makes a big change from irritating your mates and close family members with sales etc. But at the end of the day it is an MLM opportunity which always spells out trouble at some point. Thanks for the review, but not for me I’m afraid!

  2. Hi Dear,
    This is Fantastic Informative Article Such a Great Review, For My Lead System pro, It’s My First Visit Your Blog i Like Your Writing Great Stuff,Keep up The Good Work,Keep Sharing,
    Have a Nice Day Ahead,

  3. Hi Kelly

    My Lead System Pro has generated a lot of bad customer complaints and I do not even consider it a real business opportunity.

    How can you buy a product and then sell it to others in order for them to sell it again. This is the vicious cycle of MLM that just will not stop.

    I am not a big fan of MLM because of this very reason that you are just creating your own competition.

  4. Omg I though I was the only one who got thise emails from MLSP. They have some really good sales pitches but it’s just waaaaay to expensive for me that is why I never opted-in it. Also it just wasn’t something I would not be passionate about. This review really gave me something to fall back on. Now I know for a fact I’m not doing business with them….. Thanks

  5. Dear Kellie,

    Wow! Thanks for the heads up warning on another MLM Online Program I never heard of and should avoid.
    It is expensive and from the looks of it, I do not have any freedom to promote my interests or niche.
    Empower Network is another MLM Program I have run into, I have not used their services, but it is bad enough as it is for each of their Products, they say you only have 14 days to ask for a refund. Shakes my head. In other words for most MLMs, they teach you to be a ruthless hustler which is something that upsets me. :/

    I hope to read more insightful informative blog posts like this from you in the days ahead. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel

      Happy to hear you now know about My Lead System Pro. You are essentially promoting MLSP in the hopes that someone will then want to know about your MLM business. That does not set well with me.

      I will be posting various reviews as time goes on, so do check back often.

      Have a great day!

  6. Thank you for the review on MLSP. To be honest I had never heard of it until your article. Now I am wide awake to it.
    On the other hand I have always thought that MLM was the best and genuine way to get a business going and also improve peoples lives but after now……., I very much have my fears about MLM businesses.
    I agree that there probably are genuine ones out there and it is good to help others to be aware. It is very easy to be gullible if one is faced with a desperate situation.
    Thank you for a great review, I feel very enlightened now.

    1. Hi Ronnie
      Thank you for stopping by. The My Lead System Pro program is big in the MLM world. I believe that MLM’s are still a good way to start a business of your own but as with anything, you must be informed and know when to say no thank you. I just hate that people are often looking for the next get rich quick scheme only to find that it does not exist. Hopefully by continuing with reviews like this one, I can keep people informed when trying to decide what product is truly going to work for them.

  7. Hi Kellie.. I have not heard really any positives on this product. However you did a very thorough review, so hopefully it will save people from wasting their money. You made some great points on MLM business, you are right it is all about recruiting and NOT the product. Thank you for the information, Shane

    1. Hi Shane

      Yes, this product definitely has made a bad name for itself. Hopefully this review will help others make an informed decision.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

      Have a great day!

  8. Very balance and straight forward review. I really agree with the conclusion, sometime people tend to search for shortcut but forget the fundamental and basic things  Really love your statement on “learn internet marketing the right way.”
    Great blog and can not wait your next posts. Keep posting and educate others.

    1. Hi Roni

      Hopefully people will realize there are no short cuts to success (well except the lottery). No matter what your line business, you will need to sow time and effort in order to reap the rewards.

      Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are much appreciated.

      Have a great day!

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