What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

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What is the best keyword research tool for SEO?  Does it really matter what tool I use?  Aren’t they all basically the same?


Jaaxy, Yes it does, No they are not.


Meet Jaaxy – Your New Best Friend!

Website:  www.jaaxy.com

Cost:  Free Membership consisting of 30 Free Searches, Pro Membership at $19/month, Enterprise Membership for $49/month.  (Join Here)

Who is it for:  Online Business Owners/Marketers (Beginner, Advanced or Expert)

Overall Rank:  9/10

Jaaxy is a keyword search tool that allows you the ability to determine keyword searches with low competition.  This is a simple tool to use and the information provided from each keyword search is invaluable.  You will receive data points around number of searches, competition, estimated traffic to your site, keyword quality indicator, and ranking probability.

I have met many people who have received no training when it comes to online marketing, and as a result, they have no idea about keywords or why they are important.  If you have created a website with no consideration to keywords or SEO, you are more than likely not having much success with search engine rankings.  You must include keywords that are placed strategically into your site’s content if you want to see your online business grow.  Jaaxy can help take you to that next level.

The problem with the majority of keyword search tools out there is that they are complicated to use and the data is often times inaccurate.  No matter what niche you are focusing on, Jaaxy can help.  The screen shot below shows an example of a keyword search related to ways to stay fit and healthy.



Let’s Break This Down

From Left to Right:


Term typed into Search Engine


The average number of searches the keyword receives per month


Visits to your website if you receive first page rankings with the search engines

QSR = Quoted Search Results

The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword, i.e. your direct competition!

KQI = Keyword Quality Indicator

Green is Great, Yellow is So-So, and Red is Poor.  Pretty much sums that up – Go Green!


This is simply a formula given to a keyword that is based on traffic and competition.  The range is 0-100.  The higher the score, the greater the probability you will rank on Google’s first page.

The Good
Free, Get Started Option
User friendly Web based, no software to download
Reliable and Accurate – You can trust the results!
Excellent support system
Brainstorming feature that provides even more keyword/niche ideas

The Bad
None that I can think of

 What’s included in the cost:

The Jaaxy Review Cost Analysis

The Jaaxy review – To Sum It Up

So, what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?  In my opinion, it is Jaaxy. This is my go to keyword search tool because it is easy to use and provides me with all the relevant data necessary to be successful as an online marketer.  Remember, no matter what you decide, keyword research is KEY to your success online.  You can try it out for free here….

I would love to hear any thoughts or questions. Please leave a reply following the link at the top of the page.

13 thoughts on “What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

  1. Jaaxy is one of my favourite keyword research tools. Its fast and the data is easy to understand. However, I think they have raised the prices recently and added a whole set of new features making it even more awesome. Would definitely recommend it if you do any kind of SEO.

  2. Great review. I really do love Jaaxy, its very useful. It took some of my post to up to page 3 and 2. Still working on the posts to improve them and see if I can make it to page 1. It just takes some time. But I have seen a lot of improvements. I use to not be ranked at all but now after a couple months seen big improvements. Its very straight forward and easy to use, so I recommend it to anyone.

    1. Hi Brandon

      Jaaxy is great. I personally love how easy it is to use and the amount of benefit you get for the low cost per month. I personally have not upgraded because I find the cheaper option is just fine for what I need.

      Glad to hear that you are moving up in the ranks, that says a lot. Keep on pressing on.

  3. Wow. This is a nice and awesome review. Jaaxy is some good stuff. It can certainly increase my keyword research time. It is even better as it only cost $19 a month with so much functions and features. I had try it and I really like it. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hi Lucas

      Yes, Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword research. I find it very easy to use and has so much information right at your fingertips, which is a major time saver.

  4. Hi Kellie,

    I have been using the Jaaxy tool for nearly a year now and I would not consider changing it for any other keyword program that is available.

    It is the best one and has so many great features for making life easy when it comes to finding the right keywords to rank is the top positions in the search engines.

    However, one important feature that I have completely forgotten about is the affiliate section that helps you to find the right affiliate program for the products you want to review on your site.

    I owe you a massive big thank you for reminding me of this very essential part of Jaaxy.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work that you are doing with your website.


    1. Hi Lis,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am happy to hear that you too are finding Jaaxy to be a very useful keyword research tool. And, you are correct, the affiliate program feature definitely helps when trying to determine which one to use. Thank you for pointing that out.

      Good luck to you. Have a great day!

  5. Hi Kellie, thanks for sharing this useful keyword research tool.

    $19/mth for the Pro version is indeed very affordable comparing to many keyword tools out there that charges very high price. The enterprise version is a huge jump in price to $49/mth.

    Is there really a big difference between the pro and enterprise version for a new online business owner?

    1. Hi Edmund

      Thanks for stopping by. Personally I feel as though the Pro version ofJaaxy is all you need when starting out. Get your feet wet and learn all you can about keyword research before going Enterprise. I know plenty of experienced marketers who use Pro and are very satisfied.

  6. Hi Kellie, great to read such a good text about the best keyword research tool. Jaaaxy is indeed the best. I have tried it so I can claim this with certainty.

    QSR I never understood properly. It gives ‘quoted search results’ as the name says. But people actually do not search by using quotes, at last this holds for majority. So my feeling is that the actual number of competing pages is much bigger. I am a bit puzzled about it. But thank you in any case.

    1. Hi

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. it is much appreciated.

      Yes, it is true, there could be more pages that rank for a similar keyword and be viewed as competition to your page; however, when we are talking about “exact” keywords, I think it is pretty accurate. The key is to rank high for the exact keyword you have selected.

  7. Hi Kellie,

    I love Jaaxy for providing me with long tail keywords but there’s another feature not many beginners would appreciate and that is the SiteRank.

    Having wrote over 100 posts, I am now using SiteRank to improve on my SEO and it’s really working. It’s like an audit on top of your keyword research.

    After you write an article using a targeted keywords, always check back on SiteRank a few days later to see how well you are ranking. If you get into Page 1 or 2, that’s great, if not, then you can go back to the page and fix the SEO elements again.

    It’s something that I am doing now on a routine basis and it makes me feel like I am a keyword expert :))

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