The Power Lead System Review: Just Another Lead Generation System?

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Pinterest Who Owns It:  Neil Guess Priceless Possibilities Marketing Platform:  Michael Price Website: Price:  30/month to come in as a customer only and use the products

The Power Lead System Review
The Power Lead System Review

Who Owns It:  Neil Guess

Priceless Possibilities Marketing Platform:  Michael Price


Price:  30/month to come in as a customer only and use the products

Rating:  40/100

Affiliate Membership Options

Basic Membership  – $7 one time fee and $6 commission on each basic product sold
Silver Membership  – $29.97/month with $15 monthly commission
Gold Membership –  $53.97/month with $20 monthly commissions
Diamond Membership – $147 one time cost with $100 commission to affiliate and $25 one time commission to sponsor
Platinum Membership –  $497 one time cost with $400 commission to affiliate and $50 one time commission to sponsor

What is Power Lead System (aka PLS)

The Power Lead System is essentially a business in a box, an all in one marketing platform.  Upon joining, you will have access to marketing tools that will help you market PLS as well as your business.  This product originally launched in 2013 but has since gone through some changes with regard to membership/affiliate cost options.  I have listed the most recent membership plans below.

PLS Membership – (30/month) – Customer only with access to the marketing tools but does not include affiliate commissions

Basic Membership – Lead Lightning – Affiliate can earn $6 for every Basic Lead Lightning Membership  sale.

Silver Membership – Affiliate can earn $6 for every Basic – Lead Lightning Membership sale. A residual $15 per month for every Silver Membership sale.

Gold Membership – Affiliate can earn $6 on every Basic – Lead Lightning Membership sale. A residual $15 per month for every Silver Membership sale. A residual $20 per month for every Gold Membership sale plus the 50% matching bonus on the entire pay-line of all your roll-ups.

Diamond Membership – Affiliate can earn $100 puls $25 to their sponsor.

Platinum Membership – Affiliate can earn $400 plus $50 to their sponsor

This product is all about convenience.  None of these tools are actually exclusive to PLS.  You can certainly find them yourself for free as well as paid but it would take quite a bit of time and research.  And, of course, if you are new, then it will be very difficult for you to know where to go or what products are actually comparable.

While I very much like the idea of convenience, I do not necessarily agree with paying someone for something I can create on my own.

So, what are these tools?  Are they any good?  Would you be better off searching for such a package on your own?

Ahhhhh, great questions my friends.

In a nutshell, the following items are an example of what you will receive as a customer of PLS.  The extent and quality of these tools will depend on your level of membership.

  • Auto Responder – Done for you email campaign
  • Capture pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Custom google hang out pages
  • Video sales pages
  • E post cards
  • Video Training
  • Ability to see who is clicking on your links and opening your emails

Power lead system boasts on their website that they are strictly paying you a commission for the products you sell; however, that is misleading.  You must recruit people into the business to make any real money.

As a matter of fact, the entire business model is based on recruiting.  You are paid commissions based on who is in your front line and then there are roll ups indicating when your sponsor will also be paid.  This is a MLM regardless of how many times someone may say it is not.

If you were to sell a product and get paid a single commission for that product, you would have a straightforward pay out, not a MLM.  But once you start adding uplines, downlines, sidelines and whatever else, you now have a MLM pay out structure.  MLM’s focus on recruiting and PLS is not any different.  In everything you do, you will be promoting their systems or their systems along with your own.

Power Lead System is a MLM for sure, but is it a pyramid scheme as well?

You see, these are two entirely different things.  If you want to learn more about MLM’s please go to What is MLM About.  In my opinion, the Power Lead System is a borderline pyramid scheme.  Why?  Because the products are not truly their own ( you can find them onilne all by yourself) and they are not in and of themselves marketable.  It is the recruitment of people that make this opp work.  If people only signed up for a $30.00 product with very little value, then how long do you think it would take for PLS to go under?  That is the basic definition of a pyramid scheme.  However, I will say that the FTC considers this legal since there is a “product” being offered regardless of whether or not we find value in it.


I found several support options available and actually did receive a response within hours of submitting a ticket.   Having support is key and they do appear to have a solid support system in place.  Here are a few of the options available.

  1. Help Tab in back office that allows for an email to be sent.
  2. or per their own words
  3. Phone calls (only recommended as
    a last resort) usually get redirected to Voice Mail where you can leave a
    message: 559-726-1262.
  4. You can also try to obtain support from their Facebook page.

Who is Power Lead System for?

This product is essentially for anyone who has a MLM/Networking marketing business or any other type of online business to promote.  Keep in mind, you will also be promoting their system in the process and if you are okay with that, then it may be a good fit.  Your auto opt in messages will direct people to your website as well as to PLS.

This product is also for someone who does not have their own company to promote but wants to get into something to make extra money.   You can strictly promote the products within PLS and nothing else; however, you are going to pay a fee just to be an affiliate.

Who Is Power Lead System Not For?

This product is not for someone who is looking to get started in online marketing and learn what it takes be successful long term.  If you are looking to build a website, create great content, learn search engine optimization etc. in an effort to rank in the search engines and gain traffic to your website/business, then do not sign up for PLS as they will not be teaching these techniques.  Do not get confused as to what a lead generation system is for and actually learning the process to market online.  Two different things.

PLS is not a get rich quick scheme.  Like any marketing product, you will need to put in effort to see positive results. Even with a lead generation system, there is work that must be done.


  • They do allow a one week free trial as a customer of PLS, which I ALWAYS recommend
  • Some of the tools are beneficial such as the built in auto responder


  • Too many upsells
  • Too expensive for what you get
  • You have to Pay to be an Affiliate
  • The training section is not designed in a way that makes it easy to figure out where to go first, second, etc.

Final Thoughts

This type of product prays on those who are less knowledgeable, the beginner if you will.  As someone who is new to the online marketing business, you do not need to pay for this sort of package.  By simply gaining some knowledge via step by step training, you will be able to know for yourself what tools are necessary and require your money and those that do not.  In my opinion, you cannot put a price on knowledge!  Being an informed consumer will give you the ability to come up with your own marketing tools and be able to advise others as to when to pay and when to run.

You will not learn how to optimize your site for search engines, which means your site will not rank unless you already know how to do that.  This product will enhance your already established business, it will not create a business for you.

If you are new to this and have never learned the basics of internet marketing,  how do you plan to get visitors to find you and opt in?  I do not recommend using PLS’s suggested advertising techniques such as spamming your friends on Social Media with cheesy text links or spend hours clicking on sites for credits on traffic exchanges, or submit articles and/or e-zine ads? It will not take you long to figure out those methods are not the best way to market and certainly not the best use of your precious time.

thumbs down


PLS and or other systems like it do not allow you take what you learn and be successful online.  You must already be a success online or at the very least have a system in place that is working with regard to obtaining visitors to your business.   This system is all about capturing the lead not how to get them in the first place.

Want a Real Way to Create an Online Business

I can tell you this, there is a program available for free where you can get started with step by step instructions as to how you can build your business and become an authority online.  Rather than join and promote a program like PLS, why not learn how to create your own business branding YOU!

If you are serious about creating a long term online business, check out my #1  recommended program.  Trust me when I say you do not need to be a rocket scientist to build a website and learn the techniques that will allow you to move from total beginner to someone who has real knowledge about what it takes to be a long term success in this business.  Getting leads should not be your first focus when starting out.  There is much more you need to learn before even beginning to worry about that.

Do you have experience with Power Lead System?  I would love to hear about your experience with this product, positive or negative.  Or, if you simply have a question, leave a comment below.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great day!








17 thoughts on “The Power Lead System Review: Just Another Lead Generation System?

  1. Hi Kelli:

    Love the folks over at Wealthy Affiliate, amazing business model.

    However, I have to say you do people a disservice with your review of the Power Lead System. It is essentially a digital marketing platform that provides the basic tools to market online, either your own business or PLS.

    You get built in sales funnels, landing pages, and e-mail campaigns, a landing page creator, an autoresponder, a lead magnet (the Lead Lightning Program) you can share funnels, the training is pretty decent and there is a back-end commissions.

    An autoresponder and lead capture software alone would cost something like $75 per month.

    I am not a PLS subscriber, though I was in the past, and I found the program to be an incredible value.

    There is no scheme here. The MLM part is legitimate. No scam. It’s called leverage and it incentivizes you to build a team.

    I’m not sure why you would discourage someone from paying $30 per month to receive all of this when similar programs start at $50 per month and go up from there.

    Just my take. Hope this makes it into print.


  2. I have been looking in to lead generation systems online, and then I came across your review of the power lead system 🙂

    This program seemed okay until you mentioned the MLM part because I am not a big fan of MLM, especially borderline pyramid schemes too becaue they are unethical ways to make money online.

    I can see how PLS is suitable for people in the MLM industry, but this is definitely not the right program for me.

    Thanks for sharing this review..

  3. Hello, Kellie, thank you for saving me and your readers a lot of wasted time and money.
    It sure appears to be an MLM based on your research. Offering overpriced products no one would really need or want as I read it.
    I would lose a lot of friends and alienate family and business associates by trying to recruit them into this sort of business, as well as lose my credibility.
    Keep up the great service to your reader.

  4. I first heard of the Power Lead System about a year ago, and since I only had a few dollars to invest into my own business, I choose another route. Okay, I admit, I actually tried to buy in but thankfully, it took me too long to make a decision with all the upsells so the system canceled my order.

    I think this program is nothing more than a moneymaking opportunity. Most, if not all, PLS members buy traffic and hope that 1 or 2 people will get on board. They have figured out a way to beat the system by spending money to get a little back, which, in my opinion, is online gambling. Businesses like this do not usually stick around.

    In my opinion, the Power Lead System is not a safe business. I am not sure that I would call it a scam, as some may, but it is definitely a scheme to make money, if you know what I mean. What happens when these extra products go out of date? And why can you not just use a free auto responder until you have enough followers to invest? And can we not create sales pages and capture pages for free?

    Maybe I am wrong, but this program seems to charge people for tools and services that are not trademarked.

  5. I think that’s the key problem with these systems. They get you to pay to use a system that WILL cost you money to promote.

    You will never rank with cookie cutter squeeze pages, period. You are also not taught how to build a website and get it ranked so your going to be paying for this crap plus promoting it and all the while having literally no idea what you are doing…

    Follow Kellie’s advice and learn Internet marketing for real, it’s the only way.

  6. Great review. I have heard of this system, but stayed away from it. I am somewhat of a newbie so I don’t really need leads yet anyway. Unfortunately there are too many programs like this out there that are targeted toward newbies. It’s people like you that help us to steer clear of these, what I consider to be, crooks. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patti

      Congrats on entering the world of online marketing. Just remember there is a lot of good information out there as well, it just seems to take a bit more time and research to find it.

  7. Wow, another one of these take your money business offers.
    Thanks for reviewing this one, it sounds like all the others.
    Anytime you have to pay to be an affiliate that sends up a red flag immediately.
    I am surprised by how confusing the membership levels are.
    Did you make any any money at this at all?


    1. Hi Shawn

      No, I actually purchased the product simply to review it. I wanted to see first hand what was being offered in an effort to advise my readers. I think the system is fine for those who want the convenience and already have an established lead building system in place. But, if you are just starting out and looking for how to generate leads as well as the process of how to get started in this business, then this is more than likely not going to help. My goal is to ensure those who are looking for products to purchase are aware of the differences of those available out there today.

      Thank you for commenting. Have a great day!

  8. Hello

    Saw the power lead system when l was surfing and decided to look for reviews,that`s how l got to your site.
    Their basic membership look reasonable and any newbie can easily afford.
    Why would PLS offer membership and tools at different levels? not my thing then.
    Not only that, MLM is a no go area for me and i`d never encourage friends to join PLS.
    Thanks for a very honest review.

    1. Hi Roamy

      Thanks for your comments. The basic affiliate membership, Lead Lightning, has very low value hence the price of $7. I will probably write a post on just that one piece since it caters to those who are new to this and will attract them due to the low cost, which is the whole idea. But in order to have any real value, you will have to upgrade and you still are not learning how to build a foundation for long term success.

      MLM is a dark place for many but the best thing ever for others. I am in the CAUTION zone when it comes to MLM, definitely need to do your research before jumping on board with any of them.

  9. Ive never heard of this company but this was a very indepth review that showed detail and more importantly ,honesty. It was interesting to read the break down with the pros as well as the cons. Thats something that annoys me on a lot of services now, is the hidden upsells right after you throw a little money down.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Glad I could share something new for you 🙂

      Honestly, the hidden upsells is why I do reviews in the first place. In all fairness, the Power Lead System does not try to hide anything. They do push their upper level products but it is clear as can be. I have seen some that try to hide these and if not paying close attention you have just bought yourself one!

      Have a great day!

  10. Wow! Looks like just another predatory product. Thanks for your in depth and balanced review of The Power Lead System. I think you’ve save a lot of people from frustration and heartache.

    Like you said, you can get all the tools elsewhere online. Your suggestion for making money online is the best. And, since it’s free to join, you just can’t lose.

    1. Hi

      I do not really consider Power Lead System predatory but I do think because they target the newer folks just getting started in the business and it is misleading. I want to be sure people understand what the PLS product is vs what they are actually looking for.

      No one should be looking into generating leads if they do not even know how to get their own site up and running and the techniques that are necessary to sustain for the long term. Having a strong foundation is key and this is not going to help you with that.

      Have a great day!

  11. I’m not a fan of MLM systems, especially ones that don’t really even have a product. I used to be part of a candle MLM, but we made our own candles and sold them retail in addition to having the upline/downline thing. This Power Lead System doesn’t sound very good, and yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic program. But they do affiliate instead of MLM. You definitely shouldn’t have to pay to be an affiliate. Thanks for this informative article about PLS! 🙂

    1. Hi Jillian

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience with MLMs. The Power Lead System is just another lead generation product that overcharges for little in return. If you are brand new into this business, you need to have a solid foundation before trying to figure out what “products you should purchase”. A little bit a knowledge is a very powerful thing. It is much better to be educated than to know nothing and fall victim to so many of the scams out there.

      Hope to see you again soon. Have a great day!

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