What is Affilorama About?

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Pinterest Name:  Affilorama Website:  www.affilorama.com Price:  Free Basic Package or $1 for a 30 day Premium trial, then $67 monthly plus multiple upsells Owner:  Mark Ling Overall

Name:  Affiloramaaffilorama_review_logo

Website:  www.affilorama.com

Price:  Free Basic Package or $1 for a 30 day Premium trial, then $67 monthly plus multiple upsells

Owner:  Mark Ling

Overall Rank:  85/100

Affilorama Review – Scam Or Legit?

Affilorama is an online education system that allows you the opportunity to begin your training as an online/affiliate marketer.  I have personally used the basic package and can honestly say this is a very good program with a lot of valuable information.

Where the system falls short is in the upsells.  It is way too expensive to gain access to the “best” products.  In addition, the basic program is full of information but lacking in real hands on experience.  Affiliorama is marketing to beginners to join this business with little to no knowledge and I felt like the introduction to the program was not structured as well as it could be.   You feel as if there is no choice but to upgrade because while you are receiving the information, you are still not shown exactly what do with step-by-step instruction.

I also felt like there was way too much emphasis on outsourcing.  It is sort of like an architecht being told they do not need to know how to draw because there is software available that does it for them. Well, I believe you must learn the basics before moving to the next phase.  It just makes you better at what you do.

If you begin your career online outsourcing without ever going through the process of creating your own content,  you will never have anything of true value that is 100% unique to you. There is a time and a place for outsourcing content creation; however, it should not be every article or post and should be reserved for more experienced marketers.  The knowledge that comes from creating your own content is critical to long term success.

What’s Included in the Affilorama Member Packages?

Basic 30 day includes

  • An introduction on Affiliate Marketing
  • How to research Affiliate Marketing
  • How to create quality content
  • Training on how to build a website
  • Insight into marketing ideas
  • Basic SEO training
  • Basic PCC (Pay Per Click) training
  • Training on Affiliate outsourcing

Right off the bat, the first video was about teaching the importance of creating a squeeze page with an e-book to use for the “bait” and setting up an auto-responder to capture email opt ins.  I was also advised to create at least a year’s worth of emails for my campaign.  In my opinion, this should not be the very first video.  There was no “how to” or step-by-step but rather an overview of what you needed to get started.

Let the upsells begin!

The side-by-side comparison right off the bat is an upsell to purchase AffiloJetpack. Average cost to do this on your own according to Affilorama, 3200 but with Jetpack it is ONLY 997.  This is not the steal they make it out to be.  I will discuss more about this one later.

Second Video recommended AffiloBlueprint as a way to get started fast and avoid doing things wrong, better to get it right the first time according to them.  I am confident this package has great training material but why do you need to have yet another system if you are already paying 67/month to be a Premium member?  Everything you need should already be available.  This is simply a way for the the company to make money.  Of course, we all want to make money and that is understandable but this does not show me the folks at Affilorama are too concerned with those customers who simply cannot afford such steep prices when starting out.

I moved on to content creation and while Affilorama has been slammed for using out of date content creation strategies, I am happy to report they have a large disclaimer on the video training associated with PLR (Private label rights) that says the following:  Warning, This content is somewhat outdated.  No kidding! I guess all the negative hype caused the need to add the disclaimer but why not just delete it out of the system entirely?  As an alternative training method, you are then redirected to a link entitled:  The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Web Content for the Lazy Marketer.content-king

They also warn that you will be hard pressed to find quality writers right from the start (unless, of course,
you use AffiloJetpack that includes pre-written material, which is their recommendation).  Realizing that not everyone has such deep pockets, Affilorama does teach you how to create real content the old fashioned way, which, in my opinion, every newbie should do before they even think about outsourcing.

Premium includes Basic Plus the additional training listed below

  • 100+ free video lessons
  • Members’ forum
  • Free members’ tools
  • Advanced training videos
  • Product creation training
  • Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training
  • Free hosting for 15 domains 
  • 30 high-quality PLR articles

$1 for a 30 day trial, then $67/month. Cancel anytime.

In My Opinion

The free option should include at least one website and hosting.  There is so much information to review within the basic course, it would be a much better user experience if the system included a site/hosting to practice on along with a step by step walking the user through how to set up their site.  Remember the basic program is geared towards beginners and you do not want to be lost or confused before you even get started.  It just makes sense to have a free website building feature.

More About The Up-Sells


Cost: $97.00

This is simply a theme created by Mark Ling advertised as the best option for affiliate marketing.  As a newbie, you do not need to pay for a theme, there are plenty of free ones available within WordPress.  You can try my free website builder by reviewing this post:  How To Build A Website Online For Free.

Affilorama Marketng Blueprint

Cost:  $197.00affiloblueprint

  • 90+ Step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons & course notes
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: AffiloTheme website builder
  • BONUS: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of Affilorama Premium

This is where you get step-by-step video instruction, better more efficient member support, and a website with limited hosting.  This is really where the true training takes place.  Unfortunately, the 67/month is not included in this price.

Affilo Jetpack 1.0 –

Cost:  $497.00

No longer available as it has been revamped and is now the 2.0 version due to so many issues such as niche limitations, saturation, and copying content issues.

Affilo Jetpack 2.0 –Affilojetpack-Affilorama-300x249

Cost:  $997.00

In addition to Affilorama Premium, JetPack includes a long list of items, see below.  They compare doing all of the items listed yourself vs purchasing the JetPack that will pretty much do it for you.  From comparing the two in terms of price, it is a no brainer, right?  Well, I am going to have to say, wrong!  Basically a thousand dollars for limited hosting, preselected niches,  preselected websites, and preselected content.  You are essentially doing the same thing as everyone else and the bulk of the savings is coming from the email newsletter as well as the reports.   If you like the sound of having someone do these things for you (and who wouldn’t) then I recommend at least going through the basics and getting that down first.  This will ensure you even want to move forward.  If you find this whole internet marketing thing is not for you, better to know before shelling out $1,000!


Additional Cons

Training on Backlinking – I do not think this is necessary.  There are plenty of successful online marketers out there who are not following this practice, and if not fully understood and if not done correctly can get you in a lot of trouble with Google.  Affilorama does advise to stay away from purchasing backlinks (thank goodness) but once that door is opened, it will lead to some being confused as well as possible shady marketing tactics.  The practice should simply be avoided in the first place.

PLR (Private Label Rights) – Not a fan!  The good news as mentioned above, they have since plr-articles-bad-ideaupdated this portion of the training with a big Warning that states the practice is a bit outdated but still included in the Premium features.  Maybe someone can clear that up for me, maybe the inclusion list simply has not been updated.

Support – The search feature answered some of my questions, but noticed the forums had delayed responses some as far out as a month.

Owner, Mark Ling, not actively involved in the community

Final Thoughts

Overall Verdict

I feel that Affilorama, while definitely legit, is for people who have extra money to spend.   In my experience, most newbie online marketers are looking for a way to make money on a very limited budget and simply do not have thousands to dip into.   The last thing I ever recommend is paying with a credit card to finance a purchase or using savings for something simply because you think you must have it when not absolutely necessary.  However, if you do have the funds available, this is a very targeted platform that will provide valuable information.  Stick with the basic learning platform and get your feet wet before deciding to buy additional products.

If you are seriously looking to get started in affiliate marketing or simply marketing your own business and forking out money for multiple products in addition to a monthly fee is not something you can afford (and honestly should not have to) try my #1 Recommnendation.  See how I got started for absolutely free, absolutely no upsells and Premium membership of 47/month.

Get Started for Free Today

Please leave a comment regarding your experience with Affilorama on any level. I wold love to hear about them, positive or negative.  As always, do not hesitate to leave any questions.  I respond to every one.



15 thoughts on “What is Affilorama About?

  1. I think that affiilorama can be a good place where you can learn the ins and outs of Internet Marketing, but I feel that Wealthy Affiliate pretty much provides you with all the value Affilorama plus a lot more value, and all for a much much cheaper price. Thanks for the review!

  2. Good review of Affilorama,it definitely is one of the better programmes for affiliate marketers and I really like Mark Ling,seems to genuinely want to help people. I was considering purchasing the paid membership but I went with another programme instead, The upsells are a bit off-putting and plus he does promote other big-time Clickbank affiliates,which is something else I do not fully comprehend.

  3. Your site has some loading speed issues just fyi. I remember when I got started with affiliate marketing, I looked at the different groups and settled on Wealthy Affiliate. Hands down the best money spent at $47/mo and now I’m a yearly subscriber for about $300. That deal is definitely hard to beat!
    I’ll recommend them over Affiliorama any time.

  4. Hello there, nice Affilorama review. Have you ever been a part of affilorama cos you surely know lots of stuff about it.

    The one thing that I really hate about them is the massive upsells. In my own perspective upsells is okay but it should be limited to one only. Also whenever you haven’t bought an upsell you’re like being in the disadvantage with the program cos you feel that you don’t have all the necessary things/tools or whatever you call it to succeed with that program.

    That’s why I stick with WA because it has no upsell. A totally genuinely honest program.

  5. Great review really enjoyed reading about Affilorama . I have herd about before and actually got the free basic version which there really isn’t much there very basic info, but its free still not to bad, although I do think 67 bucks is a little steep for that price. Have you had a membership with them? How is the Training would like to know thanks.

    1. Hello

      Yes, I have a membership with Affilorama. I actually enjoy the amount of material being offered; however, some of it is not as detailed as I would like. The upsells are the only issue I have with Affilorama but the quality is good and definitely worth trying out.

  6. When I first read your review about Affilorama I thought it was a great platform since you could try it for free. They offer lots of training and support which is very appealing to me. I agree with you that they should offer a website where the users can experiment and train with it.

    I do not like the idea of the up-sells since they confuse people. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hello there,

    Affilorama seems like an extremely expensive way to learn about affiliate marketing. Almost $1000 just to have a website and some information seems like it is way overpriced.

    What are some of the best parts of their course that you learned? I almost would think something that expensive is scam.


    1. Hi Alex

      What I like about Affilorama is that they provide a lot of information within the basic package and this information is of good quality. If you are new, you will soak it all up; however, as someone who is new, you will also be left with questions as to next steps. The videos are short and to the point but not a lot of guidance. I know for me personally, I really needed more of a step-by-step approach.

      Affilorama is definitely NOT a scam. I think many of the negative comments I have seen from members or ex-members has to do with buying into something and not making money with it as quickly as they thought they should. Let’s face it, you cannot get rich quick with online marketing. It simply does not work that way and Affilorama does not claim to do so.

      My recommendation to anyone just starting out is to always go through the free course first, if available. And, if they do not have one, well, then I typically do not recommend those courses anyway. And , remember to compare apples to apples. Not all products claim to do the same as another. They are each different in their own right and need to be reviewed as such. One may require at least some sort of success on line and is only there to enhance your business while another is for the complete newbie. Don’t every buy something you are not ready for, it will only lead to disappointment.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you have any additional questions, let me know.

      Have a great day!

  8. Great article 🙂 I really enjoyed reading about it. I had never heard of affilorama before. I liked how you broke it down it was very concise and it covered all the basics, such as price and what the program offered. Thanks for the great information and your advice on starting your own online business! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi KayliAnne

      I am glad I could bring you a review of a product you have not heard of before. Affilorama is similar to Wealthy Affiliate in the fact that they are both online training programs.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

      Have a great day!

  9. Its vital for anyone getting into affiliate marketing to understand the basics, to learn how all the pieces fit together and affect each other, so they can make informed decisions as they build their own business.

    Affilorama seems more focused on teaching only what you need to know to quickly start promoting Ling’s products than on providing its members with the broader knowledge that will help and guide them for years to come. Unsuspecting newbies end up paying for the privilege of being Affilorama affiliates.

    That’s my 2 cents :0

    1. Exactly, Kae. This is what led me to continue searching for something else. I was not prepared to drop a lot of money in addition to a monthly membership fee. When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I knew it was a better option for me. I am learning everything I need wrapped up in one low monthly fee. All that extra stuff simply is not necessary.

  10. Thanks for a great review of Affilorama. I have heard of them before but haven’t really looked at what they do.
    It seems a lot of the training is outdated and if you want to get anywhere you will need to buy upsells. I am not fond of that, especially if already paying a monthly fee.
    There are other programs out there that offer a free website (or more) and free hosting included in your monthly fee.
    What would be your recommendation for a better opportunity than this?

    1. Hi Lynne

      I found their information to be helpful but certainly did not want to spend more money for additional products. I personally feel that Wealthy Affiliate is a better program. I like the “Get Started Here” section as well as the checklist at the end of each training video. This keeps you on track and you never feel lost. You know exactly what to do next. For many of us just starting out, this is important. Additionally there are 2 free websites/hosting included with the starter membership. There is really no comparison. Believe me, I have looked:-).

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