What Is Wealthy Affiliate University

My Personal Review – Is It Worth It?

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate University
Website:  www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price:  $0 Starter Membership or Premium Membership of 47/mo or 359/yr (a substantial savings)
Owners:  Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank:  97 out of 100
Who will benefit:  Beginner to Advanced

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is about learning online marketing the right way, plain and simple.  I love that Wealthy Affiliate calls themselves a university because that is exactly what they are but without the cost of  a traditional university and the most up-to-date-techniques!  This is the best online course you will find and no one can top the price or knowledge that awaits you and here is why…….

wealthy affiliate membership options

Wealthy Affiliate University OwnersWealthy Affiliate University began in 2005 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you and me find success online.   Kyle and Carson are the founders and have continued to improve and update their system in an effort to keep up with this ever-changing and always-evolving business.  Their prices have not changed for 10 years and that speaks volumes to me…they are clearly not in this thing just to make a fast buck.  It is obvious they care about the members of their community and go above and beyond to ensure you are never left in the dark.  These guys are actively involved and you can reach out to them any time.  I do not know about you, but that really resonated with me and it speaks volumes about their character.

Wealthy Affiliate University is not only for the beginner.  The trainings and information available will also benefit the more experienced marketer.  Here is an example of the classes you will be attending as a Starter Member:

  •  Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling
  • Lesson 2- Understanding How To Make Money Online
  • Lesson 3 – Choose a Niche
  • Lesson 4 – Building Your Own Website
  • Lesson 5 – Setting Up Your Website
  • Lesson 6 – Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  • Lesson 7 – Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
  • Lesson 8 – Understanding Website Pages and Creating Your First 3
  • Lesson 9 –  Creating Quality Website Content
  • Lesson 10 – Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Getting Started Level 1

And, as with any university, you will be assigned homework (yes, you heard me correctly) – okay well maybe not homework in the traditional sense since it is optional.  But there is a task list to complete at the end of every course to ensure you stay on track.  This process allows you the option to continue to focus on applying what you have learned.

**Taking action on what you have learned each day is so important**

If you are like me, then you know how quickly things can become overwhelming when you have all this knowledge but no idea how to apply it.  Having a course outline each and every day and then actually completing those tasks one at a time as you learn will not only increase your confidence but will allow you to set attainable short term goals.

get started fast free account


As a Premium Member, you will have access to the next level (as well as everything else available at WA).

  • How to transfer your free website over to a domain that you own
  • How to get unlimited hoards of traffic!
  • Getting indexed in Google in less than 15 minutes
  • How to unlock unlimited keywords
  • Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit
  • Building out your content base in the most effective way
  • How to get your website seen and indexed quicker and with minimal work
  • Making Google love you, the quickest path
  • The ONLY sites you need to know about for keyword research.

You must have the tools necessary to successfully market your business online.  I believe this is where most of us have hit a road block.  The number of programs available to us is simply overwhelming.  Many of them offer low start up costs; however, those initial fees are usually misleading.  In no time at all, you are being advised of the additional costs involved to take part in the “necessary” trainings, and finding support is next to impossible.

Live Video Training

As a Premium member, in addition to the courses offered via the classroom, there is a live video training section within Wealthy Affiliate to enhance your learning.  These classes are done once a week and recorded to ensure you never have to miss one.

I can honestly tell you that these live courses are my favorite part.  There are conducted by an online expert and the Q&A’s are priceless!  Where else can you go each week and ask questions in real time with answers that will actually help you better your site and your business today?  Aside from Wealthy Affiliate, I have never seen one.

In addition, there have been several live trainings in which the entire session was dedicated to reviewing and critiquing your website!  This is real feedback with an expert, you simply cannot put a price on that.



What Is Wealthy Affiliate University’s Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate University affiliate programFor those of you who are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!  This is also a great option for those of you who do not have a niche selected but still want to build a website and learn the process.  I have outlined a few of the numbers below.

Note:  You do not need to be a paid member to promote WA as an affiliate.


STARTER Member Commissions:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $4

$47/mth, Commission = $11.25 recurring

$359/year, Commission = $87.50 recurring

If you are a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, you get 100% higher commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in our $1 credit program, which allows you to earn from free members you sign-up that set-up their accounts.

PREMIUM Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)

Credits: They Set-up their account = $1 Initial

$19 offer, Commission = $8

$47/mth, Commission = $22.50 recurring

$359/year, Commission = $175 recurring!

 wealthy affiliate university bootcamp

Example Scenario 1

Monthly Income: $1,458


From the time I started working this program, I could not find a lot wrong with it.  The few negatives I will mention below are definitely not enough to keep me from moving forward but do want to provide a fair assessment from my personal experience.

A LOT of information

For a beginner such as I was when I started, the amount of information available to me was overwhelming.  I really had to focus on the getting started program and not venture off to other things before I was ready.  I found this difficult because I wanted to learn everything I could, however, not wise since I really needed to take the time to process what I was learning and then apply it.  At the point of completing each stage, if I then wanted to review additional trainings around what I had learned, it made sense to do so.

The community is large and answers to questions may seem delayed

I personally use the search feature within the program because chances are the question you have has more than likely already been asked and answered. You can find an answer to almost anything you need to know.  If that does not work, then I use the live chat feature, which is a great help.  I have also private messaged Kyle and he responded quickly, and that was my last resort in one instance where I could not get an answer as quickly as I felt I needed it (patience is not my strong suit).

Time management can become an issue

The community within Wealthy Affiliate is very active and if not careful, you can find yourself sucked into the social side of things and before you know it, you have lost an hour or two of your day.  Seriously, this happened to me early on, and I just had to make a conscious decision to stay focused on my learning.

Wealthy Affiliate University is hands down the best overall program out there today.  You will have access to so much information as well as someone to walk you through the process step by step, not to mention an awesome community of folks who just want to help you succeed.  It is a blessing.

Because Wealthy Affiliate allows you to try their online university for free (no credit card required) you can truly discover for yourself why this program is far and away the best currently available.

Action Taker Bonus

For those of you who have already decided its time to take action,  I have a special bonus offer for you!

If you take action by getting started as a free member and upgrade to premium within the first 7 days, your first payment at Wealthy Affiliate will be reduced to $19.00…..that is a 59% discount!

get started now

It can be difficult for most of us to put a price on what true value is worth.  We all have our own opinions; however, you can never expect to get something for nothing rather it be an actual dollar amount or an investment of time.  In the real world and specifically with regard to online marketing, it will take a bit of both.

Questions:  What Are Your Financial Goals?  Are You Close To Achieving Them?  If Not, Why Not?

These are questions we all need to ask ourselves.  We all have financial dreams but few actually sit down and create goals and an action plan as to how they are going to achieve them.

Starting an online business is a very real opportunity available to anyone who has a desire to get started.  Do not waste any more time wondering if it is for you.  Try it and if it is not, then at least you will know and can move on.  But if it is, then you will be one step closer to reaching your goals.

Wealthy affiliate university graph


I am not hesitant at all to tell people of the cost (free up to 47/mo) because I know for a fact they will not find anything even remotely close to what Wealthy Affiliate University has to offer.  Honestly I am not even sure how they have kept the cost so low all these years, but I am very thankful they have and that I found them before wasting anymore of my time, effort and money with very little results.

The next time anyone asks you the question, “What is Wealthy Affiliate University“, you can simply advise that they are an extremely affordable-online-educational program (with a proven track record of over 10 years) dedicated to helping anyone interested in learning how to market their business online the right way.

If they go on to ask, “Is it worth it“, I can tell you without hesitation regardless of the option selected, Yes, it is worth it!

Remember this:

When surrounded by the right people, in the right place at the right time, great things happen. Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely that place.  It is truly a recipe for success.

 Join Wealthy Affiliate University Now, It’s $0, (Free)!

Make it a great day!




28 thoughts on “What Is Wealthy Affiliate University

  1. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate, Kellie. I really like that you stress the educational nature of WA. They are really not doing anything for you other than giving your the tools you need to succeed in this business. You have to do the work and it is work. I agree with your con points. It can get overwhelming and that’s the beauty of the classes…one thing at a time. Plus the blog posts and chat platforms can be a lot of yacking that can distract you from your plans. Good stuff.

  2. Hi Kellie,

    I want to say thank you for posting this review of Wealthy Affiliate University. I have actually read a couple of reviews of this organization before but this one is different. You have gone to great lengths to fully explain the features and benefits of this program and it is very informative.

    Thanks again.

  3. That’s an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate University!
    It is an amazing place to learn on how to grown an online business and the fact that you can host a website here and now have SSL certificates availabe, just makes it even better!

    I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for awhile now and it is the real deal. I’ve earned money for the first time last year and while it is not full time income yet, I know that with continued hard work and persistence, it will happen especially after following the training.

  4. Great article on Wealthy Affiliate, I can honestly say I really enjoy being apart of this community. I have not been as active as I would like to be. But I am on my way. I have not received any compensation yet from my websites but I know it’s only a matter of time if I keep working hard. But all in all I like this platform and all of the information we receive here. Great way to sum up the wealthy affiliate brand good job.

  5. Hi! This is a great Wealthy Affiliate review. Personally, I love WA. I recommend everyone that wants to do internet marketing and affiliate marketing and everyone that tries to make some serious money online to join Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership. It is the greatest online training I’ve ever met providing you with all the necessary tools as well! WA has offered me more than any other program online.
    Thanks for the review, have great business!

  6. Hi Kellie,

    You have done a great job in putting up a review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have just recently joined this program. I have been searching for an affordable online business training program for awhile because online business has huge potential, especially affiliate marketing. I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident after trying out a few affiliate programs that only delivered empty promises. I have tried many of them and they cost me thousands of dollars just to sign up as a member. What a waste of time and effort. There are many bad apples in the market and I almost gave up before I found WA.

    What I like the most about Wealthy Affiliate is the free trial that allows people to become a member for free. This allows people to take a look inside WA and judge it suits him or her!

    Great review! Keep up the good work!


  7. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best training platforms there is for affiliate marketing. I have been a member for more than a year now and I am now making a passive income online.

    Most people think that the people that join Wealthy Affiliate only make money by selling WA and that is completely wrong. On one of my websites I am selling mattresses online so yes, you can make money without selling WA.

  8. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 4 months now. 4 months ago I had no idea what an online business was and did not know a thing about creating a website. I know I am still at an early stage and have a lot to learn and a lot to experience, but I do have a feeling that if I keep up with this there’s something big and positive that will come out of it.

  9. Nice review. This seems like a great place to start. The fact that you get to try it before you spend any money is great. Getting 2 free websites and free training is even better. I like the fact you get step by step training. A lot of programs out there tell you what to do, but don’t show you how to do it.

    1. Hi Andres

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate University is an awesome place to get started. You simply cannot beat the starter program. I know for me personally, anytime I have to enter my credit card information it is because once the free trial is over, I will be charged the full amount. The problem is I more often than not seem to forget and always have to end up asking for a refund. Free should be free, period.

      The fact that you do get two free sites to work with and get your feet wet is also a great benefit. While there are plenty of free site builders out there, most are not of this quality and they do not include such awesome hosting. There is simply no better place to learn how to get started in affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by. If you have any additional questions, please do let me know.

      Have a great day!

  10. Hi Kellie

    Very nice post on the details on the Wealthy Affiliates program. The details you provided seemed to answer my question just as I was thinking about them.

    You can’t hardly beat 1 week free and then $19 for the first month. At minimum it gets you in the door to check things out before you bite the proverbial bullet.

    I like the straight up way you covered both pros and cons of the program. I think with the information you provided, I can make a healthy choice.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Debra,

      Glad you found the post helpful. There are very few cons to joining Wealthy Affiliate. And with that intro price available for 19.00, it is a great deal.

      If you ever have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to help.

      Have a great day!

  11. What a great review! I’m already a member of WA, but this review makes me want to sign up all over again. All of the most important parts anyone new to WA needs to hear were covered. I found myself being excited with the potential of WA all over again. Very informational and well-written.

  12. Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for your in-depth review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have been looking into this program and I do have a few questions. It does look like a good program. Are the commissions based on a pyramid payout plan? Also, how helpful is the community? I have been a part of programs where the community was always trying to desperately grab other people’s new prospects. Thanks again for writing this review.

    1. Hi Val

      Glad to know you are considering Wealthy Affiliate University. I can tell you the commissions are absolutely NOT paid out based on a pyramid type plan. You get paid on what you sell on an individual basis, no more and no less.

      The community is extremely helpful. There are many very experienced marketers who enjoy lending a helping hand. Wealthy Affiliate is based on a pay it forward type of mentality. It is expected that as you learn and grow, you too will want to do the same.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I am happy to help.

      Have a great day!

  13. Really liked build a website, the overview is great and leads me right through building a website.

    It would be nice to see the approximate price of a domain here at this point.
    Does your own domain make a difference on seo rankings?

    Love the tools and tips section, many I did not know about and will be using some of them

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thank you for looking around my site. A domain is approximately 12/year give or take a few dollars depending on who you use and what type of extension you go with. Honestly, I do think that sites with a paid domain do have the ability to rank higher than those with a free option; however, I typically recommend that if someone is not ready to purchase a domain, then they should not. You can learn what you need to know with a free site and when ready and comfortable, take the next step.

      The main thing is that people do not fall into the trap that they have to spend a bunch of money in order to begin their online business. I do not want that to be a deterrent because you absolutely can get started for free.

      Wealthy Affiliate University offers such a wonderful opportunity for those who truly are not sure if starting an online business is for them. If you get started and realize it is not, then you are out nothing and can simply move on.

      Thank you for commenting. All the best, Kellie.

  14. Hello here. Your review about Wealthy Affiliate is understandable and inspiring. You presented material in a simple way, that everybody willing to learn about this great company, can find all information here.
    It is worth to join for free, look around, spend time with community, ask questions and get some friends.
    Everybody can create website for free through few seconds and start to write content from scratch.
    Thanks for provided information, I hope that your visitors would join you in this great company.
    All the best, cheers, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira

      I agree…to sign up for free and receive such good information is very rare. Wealthy Affiliate University is really an opportunity to discover what online marketing is all about. Some may decide it is too much work, others will go for it and commit to learning for the long haul. Either way it is worth zero dollars to find out for yourself.

      I think many people assume that creating a website requires technical ability and so do not even try for that reason. The rubix site builder is an awesome tool that will allow anyone to see for themselves how easy building a website truly is.

      Thanks for stopping by; your comments are appreciated.

  15. Thanks Kellie for giving us your take and perspective on Wealthy Affiliate. I happen to be a member myself, but if I wasn’t and I had read your review, I can’t help but think I would have been swayed. To be honest, if I didn’t have WA I think it would have taken me many years to even get on the right track towards making money online. All things considered, I’m very thankful that WA exists.

    1. Thanks Paul. I am glad to know that this review resonated with you. I know all too well that without the proper training and support, a successful business on line is not possible. There is simply too much to learn. And if you are new to this business, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day!

  16. Great article on “Wealthy Affiliate University”. I’ve been a member with WA for close to a year. Though I had heard about it YEARS ago. I sometimes wonder had I joined at least 5 years ago where’d I’d be. My problem was then, I thought I knew everything and when I joined WA and started getting into the training, I realized how wrong I was. Its a great place to be. I love your balanced perspective because its true, if you dont manage your time well, you can be on the forums all day.

    1. Hi Tiffany

      Yes, I can relate to you in that I too started in this business back in 2009 but due to all of the dishonest people and scams I came across, I decided I needed to move on. Well, I can honestly say I did that in haste. I really should have stuck it out and kept searching for that “perfect” place. I really hope I can help others find their way before giving up.

      Managing time is a critical trait to have no matter what business you are in. While in corporate america, I found this to be very true and it is no different now. I must have plan for each day in order to stay on track.

      Thanks for commenting. Good luck to you!

  17. Hi Kellie:

    Your article on Wealthy Affiliate is intriguing. Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate University. I do have some questions for you:

    1. Are Kyle and Carson the only ones who provide training or are there other individuals who also provide training so that users can get a diverse style of teaching?
    2. Are you able to cancel anytime or are you locked into a contract?
    3. How much technical expertise do you need prior to joining?
    4. Besides from the monetary benefits of succeeding at Wealthy Affiliate, what other benefits are there?
    5. How large of a community is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing more about your success.


    1. Hi Steph,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Great questions, I will answer them in the same order.

      1. Kyle and Carson are not the only trainers. Typically we have a live training every Friday taught by Jay. In addition, there are members of the community who also offer valuable trainings.

      2. Yes, you can cancel anytime, no contracts.

      3. No technical experience is necessary. The videos are very easy to follow and you can watch the as often as needed to ensure you don’t miss anything.

      4. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than making money as that will come if you work the program. For me, the true benefits are in the people. Kyle and Carson have created a platform where anyone can build a strong foundation for their online business and the support and training you receive is worth a lot more than 47/mo. There are many out there trying to “figure it out” on their own and it is just too hard to do it that way. I know, I have been there. You will learn this business the right way, no scams! You can trust these guys and if you are serious about having a business online, then is nothing that even comes close.

      5. Wealthy Affiliate is a very large community of over 300K; however, it really does not feel that way. I have never been involved with so many folks who just want to help you succeed. This is a pay it forward community and I love that Kyle and Carson have not lost sight of that in all these years as it is truly what sets WA apart.

      Good luck to you, Steph. I wish you all the best and hope to cross paths again:-). If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

  18. Hi there Kellie,

    I have been a proud member of WA since January 2014 and it’s a decision I never look back and don’t intend to. Then, I was totally non-web savvy and clueless about online business.

    Through the training in WA, I learn not only how to conquer WordPress but also develop an entrepreneur mindset when it comes to interacting with the online community.

    I am very proud with my progress and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. WA has been a blessing to me as well. There is simply nothing else like it, and believe me, I have looked :-).

      Also looking forward to 2016! Have a great day!

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